Hooray for the holidays! 🥳🎉🎈

The last BOGI Run 2023🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ took place in Prague, where we finished the whole season. Stay tuned, we are heading to the camp in Zákupy soon 🏕️ and we also have suburban camps coming up 🦁🌞 Are you also interested? Find the last available spots on our website.

The last available seats for the 🦁 BOGI suburban sports camps with English language lessons in Lovosice, Most and Ústí nad Labem and the seven-day 🦁 BOGI SUMMER CAMP (for children from 6 y/o) with a rich sports and accompanying program in Zákupy u České Lípy are available at the links below or from coach Patrik at 724 918 604 and email info@bogi-sport.cz 🌞🚀

🌞 BOGI SUMMER CAMP 😎 BOGI příměšťáky

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