Price list

You only pay a membership fee! No other expenses during the year. Swimming and skating within the prep is FREE. All you need is sports clothes or skates 😁 we will provide all other equipment! You can also draw an allowance of up to CZK 1,500 from your health insurance company.

General physical preparation for children

Half year payment 1× a week 2 800 CZK 2× a week 3 500 CZK
Whole year payment 1× a week 5 300 CZK 2× a week 6 500 CZK
More information from the coaches of the groups

Swimming and skating fees are already included in the price. For the big, publicly accessible events: BOGI Sports Day and Christmas BOGI Tournaments, a small entrance fee of approx. 100 CZK is paid.

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BOGI day camps

Monday to Friday (5 days) 4 500 CZK
Beginning always at 8 AM and end at 4 PM on the same day

More information on day camps and currently available tours ›


Friday to Friday (7 days) 7 500 CZK
Sports centre in Zákupy

More information on summer camp and available tours ›

Method of payment

We accept

Platební metody: Pays, MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, PayPal, Google Pay

Bank transfer

All payments for Litoměřice, Lovosice, Most, Teplice, Olomouc, Karlovy Vary and Praha can always be paid to the account 2701487084/2010, the variable symbol will be the date of birth of the child (e.g. 18032013) and in the message to the recipient always write the full name of the child and the centre (e.g. tomasnovak-lovosice).

QR payment

All payments for Ústí nad Labem can always be made to account 2601682480/2010, the variable symbol will be the child’s date of birth (e.g. 18032013) and in the message to the recipient write the full name of the child (e.g. tomasnovak).

QR payment

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