Karlovy Vary

General sports preparation for children 4 — 8 y/o for 2023/2024. We train every Tuesday and Thursday in the gym of the Business academy with opportunity to use the outdoor sports facilities.

Group Age When Where Capacity
Group A 4 — 7 y/o Tu + Th 16.30 — 17.30 Business academy Vacancy: 6

Sign up as a substitute even if capacity is filled. We’ll be happy to keep in touch with you and let you know right away when a spot opens up in a group you’re interested in!


We train on Tuesdays and Thursdays, always in the gym of the Business academy Karlovy Vary. There are also outdoor sports facilities available on site.

Business academy Karlovy Vary, Bezručova 1312

Questions and answers

The prep can be attended by children aged from 4 years to 12 years.

Sportswear, sports shoes and a bottle of drink are enough for children’s prep training.

You can register your child by filling in the registration form. The documents, which you will receive in your e-mail or download at the bottom of this page, can be submitted either electronically via e-mail at info@bogi-sport.cz or physically at the training session.

The first week is free (“on trial”), from the second week onwards you will pay. You can pay either a half-yearly or a full-yearly fee. During the entire season you only pay the membership fee! You will receive payment instructions by e-mail or find them in our price list.

Kateřina Zrnová
Kateřina Zrnová
Mgr. Patrik Zeman
Mgr. Patrik Zeman
Bc. Tereza Šťastná
Bc. Tereza Šťastná
Anna Korbová
Anna Korbová
All trainers

Application to Karlovy Vary prep

Registration is non-binding. After submitting the form, Patrik Zeman will call you from 724 918 604 to arrange the date of the trial training. You will receive all the information and documents needed in your e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!

    By submitting the form, you consent to the processing of your personal data.

    Do you have any questions? Write to us at info@bogi-sport.cz or use the contact form.

    Kateřina Zrnová

    Feel free to discuss any Karlovy Vary issues with our head trainer 😎
    KATEŘINA ZRNOVÁ, head trainer
    Phone: +420 722 720 748

    Documents for download

    To complete your registration please fill out the following documents (you will also find them in your e-mail after submitting the form). Signed documents can be submitted either physically directly to the coach or electronically to info@bogi-sport.cz.