We are the only prep for children 4 — 12 y/o, that does not specialize in a single sport. Our vision is to guide children through several ⚽ sports, teach them skills specific to each sport and develop them further. Trainings are led by a professional team of coaches who are experts in their own sport.

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General sports preparation for children from 4 to 12

The schedule is precisely defined from the beginning of the school year. We have clearly defined when and what we will train during the year. We engage in athletics, gymnastics, martial arts, swimmings, ice skating, dancing and sports games such as handball, soccer, floorball, basketball, dodgeball, mini softball and badminton. Through games, children acquire the basic movement skills.

During trainings we pay attention to the correct execution of exercises with a focus on medical exercises. This is one thing that is that is often overlooked in sports clubs. The coaching team is equipped with a physiotherapist ( external) and a specialist in health exercises for children.

During the preparation, we will tell you what sport your child could further practice, whether the kid is more of a team player or an individualist and whether to further develop in our club with a precise specialization in the given sport, or to start cooperation with a dedicated sports club, which we will be happy to arrange.

The name of the club came by combining the words BOYS and GIRLS 🧒👧

What we offer

Sports preparation for children 4 – 12 y.o.

We run sports prep in the form of entertainment for children. We aim to achieve precisely coordinated movements as soon as possible, and — above all — to awaken the children’s desire to play sports. Our centres ›

Tournaments and matches

During the year, tournaments are organized for kids in sports they trained and which rules they have mastered. There are two types of tournaments. In the first one the children compete against each other, only within the BOGI prep. Our coaches are in charge of organizing and refereeing.

The second type is used to compare forces. The BOGI team will compete against a specific specialized sports club. Kids are duly rewarded with diplomas, cups and gifts from sponsors.

Medical exercise

Every workout ends with a medical exercise. The exercise is preventive, but also therapeutic. For example, if you observe your child with standing shoulder blades or flat feet or is unilaterally overloaded with sports, the exercise will be ideal for him.

Day camps and summer camp

Day camps start in the morning and end in the afternoon. They include a full day of sports activities such as games, health exercises, mini-tournaments and competitions. Awards and prizes are given for the activities. English language classes are held during the camp. More about BOGI camps ›

Individual approach

Your child is taken care of by professional and skilled coaches from several sports areas. Each child’s individual physical and locomotor potential is supported and developed.

Professional team

Our team members are specialists in their field. They have years of experience and a positive attitude towards children. Our head coaches graduated in the field of physical education and sports or in another pedagogical discipline.

Choose a BOGI centre and come to enjoy sports! The first week of training is FREE.

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Choose a BOGI centre and come to enjoy sports!
Patrik Zeman, founder of BOGI SPORT

The most important is that kids enjoy sport and wake up their desire to play sports. That’s why every training session is designed to be fun.

Mgr. Patrik Zeman, founder of BOGI SPORT
If you want all-round sporting experience for your baby, also served in a really entertaining way, choose BOGI.
— Helena
Absolutely professional approach, coaches devoted to the children. The kids love them and I bow to all of them.
— Marcela, Ústí nad Labem
Bogi sport is the best thing for kids 👌 My daughter loves going to bogi. An investment that really worth it.
— Jiřka
I recommend it! Not only sport, but also fun 👍 My son is excited 😊
— Lucie
I recommend BOGI SPORT 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
— Lena, Most
Cool organization and the people who run it
— Lenka, Děčín

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Choose a BOGI centre and come to enjoy sports! The first week of training is FREE.

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