Hi in the ✨new year and 💖BIG THANK YOU💖

Hello in 2024! Once again 💖 THANK YOU all athletes and parents for attending 🦁🎄 BOGI Christmas events and creating an amazing atmosphere! 😍 Check out the photos from the rest of the centers and see what we have lined up for you in the new year.

Things to look forward to this year

  • Trainings with lots of fun 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ in already 9 🦁 BOGI centers
    • We hire new athletes 💪 from 4 to 12 years old
    • Join us! APPLICATION 💥
  • BOGI SUMMER CAMP 🏕🌞💦 5 — 12 July 2024
  • BOGI day camps ⛱🍦🌅 in July and August 2024
  • … and of course lots of games, 🏅 competitions, ⚽ sports and fun 🏀🤸‍♀️ Looking forward to seeing everyone! 😍

… and a few more photos from Christmas events in the rest of the centers…




Karlovy Vary

… and a look behind the scenes of the BOGI events 😁