The youngest athletes from 4 years 💪

Join our sports prep school with children as young as 4 y/o. It is always worth taking into account the individual development of each kid in all aspects. Do you want to find out how your little athlete is doing? Don’t hesitate to sign up for your first FREE training session and come to try it out with us!

During the training, you will see how the training itself takes place, what is the reaction and interest in the activity on the side of the child, check out the environment and get to know the trainers, with whom you can ask questions.

Younger children have the option of being accompanied by their parents to their first training sessions. The parent has the option to supervise everything from the dressing room for a sense of security for the child. Nevertheless, after getting used to it, it is necessary to stay in the children’s group with the coach for 60 minutes without being accompanied. We can handle that! 👍

If your child is 4 years old, don’t miss the BOGI 🦁💪 We look forward to seeing you 🤩

Apply for 2023/2024